Q. I want to participate in more than 1 case study. Can I do so?

A. You are allowed to participate for only 1 specific case.

Q. How will I know if I have made it to the next round?

A. Your Campus SPOC will be notified of the same and they will inform you.

Q. How can I be eligible to participate in this competition?

A. Only students pursuing their MBA from the recognized universities mentioned on the website are eligible.

Q. Can I form a team with someone from a different campus?

A. No, all team members have to be from the same campus.

Q. Can I participate in teams of 2 or as an individual?

A. No, teams are allowed to participate in groups of 3 only.

Q. Is there an e-mail I can send my submission to?

A. No, all cases have to be uploaded from the website www.rpgblizzard.com

Q. Can I post my queries on the Facebook page?

A. No, all queries need to be directed to your campus SPOC who will direct it to us.

Q. What should be the format and length of my submission?

A. The file has to be uploaded as a PDF and must not exceed 10 slides (Not including Title slide)

Note: Any submission not following the mentioned guidelines will be considered as disqualified