Program Details

RPG Blizzard 6.0 consists of two levels, campus expert round and the National Expert round.
Participants have to register in teams of three.
Students cannot register in more than on team . Teams may not have more than one student currently in the exchange program.

Campus Expert
Each team can work on any one case across functions of HR, Marketing, Operations, business development & Strategy.
The cases will be opened across campuses simultaneously and you will be provided a specific amount of time to solve the case.
Teams have to submit the solution in a form of a presentation with not more than 10 slides not including the title slide.
Top 5 Teams across each of the campuses will be selected for campus expert evaluation and will present their solutions to the leadership panel of RPG Group.
Winning Team will get INR 50,000/- and runner up will get INR 30,000/-.The top team will be eligible for the National Expert round.

National Expert
The finalist for National expert will have to work on a live business problem.
Each of the winners of Campus expert will be assigned a mentor to work with them on the final case.
This round will have 2 wild card entries.
The finals will be held at RPG House, Mumbai. National Experts will be judged by the top leadership of the RPG Group.
Winners will get Cash prize of INR 1,00,000/- and PPIs.
Runner up will get cash Prize of INR 50,000/- and PPIs.


Entries in 2016


Lakh prizes for grab


Campuses across the country


GMR converts from PPI


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