• The competition is open only to a total of 15 campuses, 3 campuses out of which will be considered as Wild Card Entries to the Final Round
  • Participants have to register in teams of 3 only
  • Students cannot register in more than one team
  • Teams may not have more than one student currently from the exchange program
  • Submissions have to be a Power Point Presentation saved as PDF
  • RPG Blizzard 2018 consists of 3 Chapters,
  • Chapter 1 – The First Snowfall

    Chapter 2 – The Calm before the Storm

    Chapter 3 – The Final Hour

The First Snowfall

  • Each team will have to work on any 1 case
  • The cases will be opened across campuses simultaneously and you will be provided a specific amount of time to solve the case
  • Teams will have to submit the solution in the form of a presentation with not more than 10 slides (not including the title slide)

The Calm before the Storm

  • Top 5 Teams from each of the select 12 campuses will be shortlisted to be a part of this chapter where they will present their solutions to the leadership panel of the RPG Group
  • Winning Team receives INR 50,000/- and runner up receives INR 30,000/-

The Final Hour

  • In this chapter, the campus round winners from the select 12 campuses along with the 3 wild card entries will be given another case to work on
  • The teams will be asked to submit a concept note on the case based on which the top 9 teams will be shortlisted to present their final case solution
  • Each of the 9 teams will be assigned a mentor to work with them on the final case
  • The Final case presentation will be held at a common location, details of which will be shared later
  • The case will be judged by the top leadership of the RPG Group

Winners will get Cash prize of INR 2,00,000/- and PPIs

Runner up will get cash Prize of INR 1,00,000/- and PPIs